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So the other day I had a car accident. It wasn’t a big one, I barely cracked the other guy’s bumper. My car has a bit of damage in the front but over all it was hardly anything at all. No one was hurt and it all was taken care of in less than an hour.

pretty amazing for the police.

Well here’s the thing. The guy I hit has been the nicest person I’ve ever actually ran into. Quite literally on the running into part. Its strange how you meet people.

He texted me today (a few days after the accident, I can only assume he got my number from the accident report for the insurance company) asking how I was doing and making sure I was alright.

Just different than I’m used to, figured I’d tell you guys about it.

By the way, details of the accident. It was drizzling, the roads were just wet enough to be slick and I have slick tires. Hit the brakes and didn’t stop. Pretty cut and dry my fault on the entire thing.

So….My mother is completely intolerant. I never realized just how much so until today.

Funny thing is she says she’s really open minded because she has ‘black friends’

Because we ALL know that makes you an open minded individual.

Her stance on Homosexuality: She says she sees nothing wrong with it, confronted with it she says that they need to either A) Find religion or B) need to get it away from her.

Her stance on Racism: You aren’t racist if you don’t see their color!

(right? that makes complete sense)

Her stance on Feminism: Shave those legs. It takes some real self confidence to walk around with hairy legs. What is wrong with you? (Also, women shouldn’t wear whatever they want. Abortion should not be their choice, so on and so forth)

She doesn’t believe that mental illness is real, except for depression, which she has, but she’s the only one who’s allowed to have it.

Such as my social anxiety? Oh you’ll get over it. You’re fine. Suck it up already. What is wrong with you its not that big of a deal. if you don’t do it you can’t get over it.

My Depression? You aren’t depressed stop lying

My phobias? Stop being stupid, you aren’t really afraid. You can’t be afraid of that.

What do you think? She open minded?



Who’s an awkward mess on the phone? I’ll let you have one guess.

I social phobia used to be so bad that I would cry and freak the hell out when someone wanted me, personally, to make a phone call.

Granted, I still get anxious - not that bad anymore. I do need to make the call alone, as in no one in the room.

But you’re probably not that bad as you think.

I start hyperventilating when I try to make phone calls. I have no idea why but phones just freak me out really bad. Mom is no help either. She makes it a point to make me call people, either full on laughing at my discomfort or telling me that the only way to get over my fear is to face it. She just makes the whole thing worse.









Guys this is really important.

CBS just posted an article saying that 20 states have petitioned to secede from the American union now that Obama is president again.This means, that if they reach 25,000 signatures in 30 days, the petition can be reviewed by the government administration.

The states that have petitioned to secede are as the following: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Texas already has over 22,000 signatures and if they have enough support they could very well be removed from the United States. 

This is very important guys, please signal boost this, tell your parents. This effects the entire country and everyone needs to know.



New York, I thought you were better than this! D<

Alabama’s doing it wow i hate life

if alabama gets to make it’s own decisions im fucking dONE


are you serious

Bloody HELL Oregon! I will BITCH SLAP you into staying part of the United States! D< Fuck that shit. I am either in Oregon in the US of A or you will GIVE ME MONEY AND SEND ME TO ENGLAND AS A LEGAL CITIZEN. There are no other options for you Oregon.

(Fuck you all by the way. It sure as hell isn’t PORTLAND that’s wanting this. It’s the rest of you dumbasses)

If my state successfully does this, I’m moving to the US.

Me too.

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